Friday, October 23.

3:00 PM EST

WAR ON VOTING: Voter Suppression Past and Present: Rights Restoration and How We Fight Back

Impact Partner: Advancement Project

Not long ago, there were poll taxes and literacy tests, while sheriffs stood outside of polling places preventing Black people from voting. Volunteers who registered Black people to vote were persecuted and even killed. The remnants of these practices remain today, but better disguised. Rather than wielding weapons or physically blocking people from voting, state, local, and federal governments are enacting policies and practices to curtail the growing political power of voters of color as they emerge into the new American majority. Leaders in the fight for voting rights from Advancement Project National Office, New Georgia Project, New Florida Majority, and Florida Rights Restoration Coalition will discuss the past and present forms of voter suppression, and what we can do to eliminate these wrongs once and for all.

Speakers: Judith Browne Dianis (Executive Director, Advancement Project National Office), Desmond Mead (Executive Director, Florida Rights Restoration Coalition), Moné Holder (Senior Program Director – Policy, Advocacy & Research, New Florida Majority), Nse Ufot (Executive Director, New Georgia Project)

Moderator: Kendis Gibson (MSNBC, Weekend Anchor)

9:00 PM EST

REEFA, with director Jessica Kavana Dornbusch and cast: Clara McGregor, Cinthya Caromona, Tyler Dean Flores