Sunday, October 25.

6:00 PM EST

RISING TIDE: The New Wave of Allyship

Presented by Sony Pictures Entertainment
Impact Partners: LA Collab, IlumiNative, Gold House

In an era where power truly resides in numbers (and voices), active allyship continues to be the differentiating variable to eradicating systems that seek to oppress and suppress the world’s most marginal and vulnerable communities. Much of the progress gained in the U.S. through countless civil rights battles were brought via applied intersectional pressure, where marginalized peoples across sub-demographic lines joined forces to push back against the larger institutionalized system that, by design, seeks to keep them separate. As movements ebb and flow, the tide begins to rise when marginalized people alike recognize that they truly have the most in common in their collective fight for equitable incorporation and agency. The traumatizing events of 2020 demonstrated both the power and necessity of converting multicultural allies into accomplices, where the passive Ally of yesteryear takes on new form as an Accomplice for justice in the ongoing battle for equal rights and protection under the law.

Speakers: Ivette Rodriguez (Co-Founder, LA Collab), Crystal Echo Hawk (Founder & CEO, IllumiNative), Bing Chen (Chairman & Co-Founder, Gold House)

Moderator: Ellene V. Miles, SVP, Intersectional Marketing, Sony Pictures Entertainment

9:00 PM EST

Us Kids, with director Kim A. Snyder